S O L A R   C O M M U N I O N   R I T U A L   G R O U P 

This group is intended to use ritual to connect with archetypal forces and deities with the specific intention of healing oneself and expanding one's self - awareness. The group is shamanic in nature, closer to the ealier forms of paganism. The group meets once a month for rituals which will be held at various appropriate natural locations and involve a good element of fun, creativity and learning as well as the connection to the source being of prime importance throughout the process. email: for more infomation!

The Boucca Society remains at its heart, an initiatory organisation practicing and teaching the mysteries of Wicca and Magic. The 'Great Work' is undertaken by and through two sections of our society - Boucca Wicca and the The Hermetic Order of Alexandria. We place an emphasis on tradition and initially our practice and philosophy has a strong foundation in Alexandrian Wicca and Sussex Craft. We are continuing our research into the history of witchcraft, paganism and magic and honour the wisdom of the past while exploring the practical, creative and experiential aspects of magic within our ceremonies and our lives.
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