The Denton moot meets at the the Angel pub, Hyde Rd, Denton, the third Tuesday of the month at 8pm. 1 admittance. All paths welcome, we have speakers & sometimes outings. A warm welcome given to all.

For more information please contact Contact Willow Sacha on 07960 187339 or email Willow

Formerly Stratford by Moonlight and Leamington by Limelight Moots

This is more of a practical pagan moot rather than a social.
A circle of equality with no HP or HPS, just a open group of individuals working with a common theme.
We meet at The Stables pub in leamington on the 3rd Wednesday at 7.30pm.
All ages, paths and experiences welcome

Contact Evenstar Moot
or Tel: Peller or Silverweaver on 07740 644367

Chelmsford Pagan Moot Website

A Chance to explore Paganism in an informal get together of like minded people on the 1st Wednesday of the month at the Royal Steamer, Townfield St, Chelmsford at 8pm.

Further details from Pete Jennings on 01787 238257 or email Pete

Norwich Moot is a social and educational gathering of Pagans and others on Earth-centred spiritual paths in the Norwich area. We are independent, but maintain close links with the Pagan Federation in East Anglia. There is a social pub moot once a month (first Wednesdays) and a further monthly event (third Sundays) which alternates between a 'Moothouse Sunday' (revolving around a talk) and a walk somewhere in the countryside, to a sacred place, or somesuch. Our web-site is a general Pagan resource, with information and essays on Pagan and magical topics, as well as links, pictures of Norfolk and a local 'What's On' list.

Contact Norwich Moot

SageCat Moot Website
The SageCat Moot meets on the last Tuesday of the month in the private area of a local pub/hotel. Also hosts monthly dinners, workshops, outings & events. New faces are always welcome, so do come along and see what you think.

The OTM is just a gathering and social occasion that happens in Colchester. It's a chance to meet other pagans and occultists in the area and make new freinds.

For more information:

Contact Oak Table Moot

The Bristol Pagan Moot.

We are an independent Moot run by the Pagan community of Bristol all paths are welcome to join us in person on the 1st Wednesday in each month, just pop in and say Hi!

Contact Bristol Pagan Moot

All people and paths are welcome at the Reading Pagan Moot..

The 1st Monday of the month is the general Moot, where you are invited to come and have a drink or three. The 3rd Monday of the month is the talking stick, where a topic is voted for the month before. We meet at the Cock & Bull pub, inside the George Hotel, in the center of Reading at 8pm. We have a monthly newsletter, and have recently started visiting ancient monuments. Avebury was the last trip where we held our first group Rite for Beltane. There are currently 52 people sub-scribed to our e-list, which can be found at Yahoo Groups.

For more information please contact Sarah or Holly on 01491 871179 or email Sarah Whitehead

BATH - The Rising Sun
All welcome, including accompanied children.

3rd Wednesday of every month at 7.30 pm. 3/4 Grove St, Bath.

For more information please contact

Lianne, tel: 07766 540531 or email Lianne

Bristol PF Pagan Moot.
Open to all friendly over 18’s.

Come along and enjoy a friendly chat, upstairs at the Cornubia, Temple Street, Bristol :: A great excuse to meet people and try the selection of ales and wines :: 1st Wednesday of every month 7.30pm

For more information please contact

Lianne, tel: 07766 540531 or email Lianne
Tor, tel: 0771 3654630 or email Tor

Redditch pagan moot

Redditch Pagan Moot Website
Redditch pagan moot, meets on the first wednesday of the month to organise events, drink copious amounts of tea, and exchange ideas. It's a relaxed moot that welcomes followers of any path. As the event tends to be run from members houses, please phone or email for directions
For more information please contact

Bryn, tel: 07766 540531 or email Bryn

Every first Tuesday of the month at the Redditch Wicca moot is at the Hewell Road Club, Hewell Rd by the railway station in Redditch town centre. If we get on and there is still room you may be given details of our coven set-up here. But many will be happy just coming to the moot for fun.

For more information:

Contact Redditch Wicca Moot

 W I R R A L   W I C C A   M O O T S 
Wirral Wicca Moots

A site to connect Wiccans or followers of the "old Religion" in the Wirral area.
Wiccan Hermetics/Gatherings/Happenings

Contact Wirral Wicca Moots

A warm welcome to Pagans, Heathens, those following an alternative path and anybody who abides by the moot principles. Held from 8pm every Monday evening, we enjoy discussions, hold talks, workshops and plan rituals etc. We are a circle of equals and decisions are made democratically.

We meet in the small and friendly Printer's Devil pub, Broad Plain, Old Market, near Bristol city centre every Monday evening, from 8pm (over 18s only). See the pub's website for directions:- Printers Devil Pub Website

Moot Contacts: Telephone: 0117 9420448 Email: Bristol Open Circle Moot

On line Yahoo group: Join our Yahoo chat group, open to all, where you can keep up to date with local happenings, post up information of interest to other pagans, check out the links to 100s of websites and keep an eye on the calendar of events:- Events

 W I C C A N   O P E N  C I R C L E 
Wiccan Open Circle

Wiccan Open Circle
Hosted by the Hearth of Arianrhod
The first monday of every month 7.30-10.30pm
The Spiritual Fellowship Centre, Bond Street, Nuneaton, Warks, UK

Contact Anna Franklin

The Stoke-on-Trent Moot

The Stoke on Trent Moot takes place on the last Tuesday of the month at The Bluebell Freehouse, Hardingswood Road, Kidsgrove, Stoke on Trent from 8pm.

For more information please contact
Sheena, tel: 07779851739 or email Sheena

Circle of Pagans runs 2 monthly moots in Liverpool, both are attended by people of all ages, all paths and all levels of experience and are a great way to meet new people in a friendly environment and have a chat and a drink.

The Tuesday moot is the largest, held in a private function room in The Casa Bistro on Hope St at 7.30pm. There is a talk and discussion organised each month, based on topics which members of the group display interest in. Basically its an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests and have a bit of a chat and hopefully learn something new aswell!

The Sunday moot is less formal, held in a friendly pub (booze!) in the Swan on Wood St at 1pm. Its an opportunity for those who can't make it on Tuesdays to come along and have a friendly chat to people and hopefully make some new friends! As the group gathers strength, various side line activites will be created and also things such as trips and conferences. The Sunday moot will also be used to get ideas for these and basically work out the logistics and possibilities for such events.

For more information visit or e-mail Kev on For more information please contact Contact Willow Sacha on 07960 187339 or email Kev

“The Pagan Earth Moot”

“The Pagan Earth Moot” is a place for like minded people to meet, socialise, and exchange ideas once a month in a safe and welcoming environment. We are not aligned to any organisations and welcome people from all paths, from those seeking knowledge to those with knowledge to share.

We meet on the last Wednesday of each month in the “Stella Maris Centre” at the rear of “The Healing Star” shop at the top of Causeway Head, Penzance.

For more information please contact the shop on 01736 330669 or email Bran

"Greenman & The Crow" Housemoot

A warm welcome from Steve (Greenman) and Mon (The Crow) to this, the original Lincoln housemoot!

These informal, friendly, well-attended gatherings are held bi-monthly, with Pagans of all traditions welcome. Purely social moots alternating with invited guest speakers. Food and drink on a bring and share basis.

Tel 01522 888975, or email Greenman for further details.

A friendly, informal pagan gathering/moot for like-minded folks held every third Monday of the month starting at 7:30pm in a quiet child-friendly local pub. All welcome. We also arrange walks, picnics and days out for the more adventerous.

More details can be found at our forum at

Plymouth Pagans Forum or by emailing myself - Mel Maonmaolan - at

 P E M B R O K E S H I R E   M O O T 
Pembrokeshire Moot Web Site

Pembrokeshire Moot

Pembrokeshire (West Wales) pub moot held on the last Saturday of every month in Haverfordwest.
All like-minded paths and traditions welcome including witches, pagans and Occultists.
We're a friendly bunch and welcome new comers.

Contact Matt on 01646 622094/07766 162285 or email Matt

West Midland Pagan Society
Wolverhampton Moot

A small and pleasant ecclectic pub moot open to all who term themselves pagan or those who are interested in paganism. Bring yourself, your ideas and a smile. There is a 1 voluntary contribution for on-going events.The first Thursday of every month at the New Inns public House overlooking the market in Wolverhampton. 7.30pm start.

Contact for an informal chat.
Bright Blessings

Pagan group meeting in Reading, members are mainly from Reading and the surrounding areas of Berkshire, Bracknell & Maidenhead. We meet on the first Sunday of each month for a pub moot at the "Back of Beyond" pub in Kings St, Reading.

We have open circle rituals, talks and other events.

We are open to all friendly pagans

The Circle of Ankerwycke meets the last Wednesday in the month in Central Staines. All Sabbats celebrated in the open at a local Pagan site. An eclectic lot, we have singles and couples from all different backgrounds and careers. In the first instance please email for further information and to introduce yourself.

The Pegasus Sanctuary was founded in April 2006 by rev Eric Rathbone, a pagan but also an ordained minister. The Sanctuary will be holding gatherings every 3 weeks, 1st gathering on the 23rd July at 11am, which is being held at the Orchid Hotel, Bournemouth.
The gatherings will consist of meditation, demonstration of Clairvoyance, pagan readings, a feast and relaxing music.
Apart from the gatherings we will be responsible for outings to places including Glastonbury and Picnic lunches to the New Forest.
If you wish to contact us please feel free our number is 07724 739271. or visit our website.

Uxbridge Moot meets at the Queens Head, Windsor street, Uxbridge UB8 1AB. Last Tuesday of each month at 8pm. Some parking outside the pub, large free after 6.30pm carpark behind. 1 minute uxbridge tube.
Email Uxbridge Moot

Barnsley Wiccan Moot

First Wednesday every month, held at The Gatehouse Pub (opposite train/bus station) from 7.45pm

A small friendly group - all ages welcome.

For more information please contact
Barnsley Wiccan Moot

The Ring of Cerridwen Moot

Location The Golden Grove Public House, St Annes Hill, Ruxbury Road, Chertsey.

On: The last Tuesday of each month at: 8pm

Description: The Ring of Cerridwen Moot is an eclectic group which encompasses Pagans, healers and anyone on a spiritual path who would like to meet and socialise with like minded people.

We have a mixture of age ranges, paths and levels of madness, but what we all have in common is our sense of humour.

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at 8pm in the Golden Grove Public House, St Annes Hill, Lyne in Chertsey.

Although this is purely a social occasion, there are a number of groups and development circles that members are welcome to attend throughout the month. These include: Spiritual and psychic development circles and workshops, Open rituals to celebrate the Sabbatts and the Esbatts, and networking days.

For further information or location details please call Sian on 07746365980 or email Valley Wands

 B A R R Y   P A G A N   P U B   M O O T 

Barry Pagan Pub Moot

Meets every 3rd Monday of the month downstairs in the Borough Arms, High Street, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan at 7.30. Talks at every moot as well as occasional open rituals and workshops.

For further information contact Melissa

Iseum of the white Goddess
Held in Thatcham Berkshire

This is a study group as well as a meet up for local pagans, Witches and Wiccans and pagans on other paths. - All ages welcome.

For more information and meeting dates please contact

North Herts Pub Moot

North Herts Pub moot restarting in Hitchin. Everybody is welcome; old and new, experienced, non-experienced, shy... We are a friendly bunch who are meeting for a social chat.

We don't intimidate or sit there spouting forth. We want to be an access point for everyday pagans who just want to meet like minded people and find out more about the paths. There will also be a "topic for discussion" half hour. All ideas, contributions welcome.

We also hope to start up seasonal celebrations and workshops.

Give Keeley a call for details of the venue on 07810 576686 or email

 S T O C K T O N - O N - T E E S   M O O T 

Stockton-on-Tees Moot

Informal Social Gathering
Come along to meet and chat with others
People from all Pagan & Wiccan faiths will be warmly welcomed.

The Thomas Sheraton Pub
4 Bridge Road
Stockton High Street
TS18 1BH

Moots will then take place the 4th Thursday of EVERY month at the same location

For more details please email me at

Bideford Pagans meet on the first Wednesday of each month in The Thatched Inn Abbotsham, Bideford, Devon, EX39 5BA. Arrive any time from 8pm till closing time. We treat it like a pub session so you can come and go when it suits you.

You will be made welcome whether you stay half an hour or for the full session. Come and meet like minded people from all over the region and join in with moots, rituals to celebrate Sabbats, Esbats and workshops.

Our moots are for everyone - for people who have never been to a ritual, people who practice alone but want to occasionally celebrate with a group, people investigating a path or for those with many years experience. A wide range of workshops are on offer and there is no charge for any of these. Subjects include Tarot, Divination, Past Life Regression, Effective Meditation, Spell Working, Casting a Circle, Ritual Planning and lots more.

We welcome all Pagans of any path, and people interested in learning more about Paganism. We are a friendly group, and all newcomers will be made very welcome.

Tel: 01805 603487 or 07889 126311 or 07878 584235


Website: Bodford Pagans Website

The Tolmen Moot meets at 8pm on the 1st Tuesday at The Stonemasons Arms, Longdowns, near Penryn TR10 9DL

We meet in the room at the back of the pub straight ahead from the entrance. We share news and discuss Pagan topics

For more information please email Andy


Rugby Pagans is a social moot held every two weeks on a Tuesday. The venue is The Raglan Arms in Rugby. We welcome all ages, paths and experience levels. Whoever you are you can be sure of a warm welcome at our moot.

For more information visit our website:

or email:

Pagan Federation Moot in Plymouth
We are a family friendly moot that meets on the second wednesday of the month in the stoke area of plymouth. Moot meetings take place in a private house.

For further information please contact the moot organizer (Patrick Mears) on 01752 562769

Herefordshire Pagan Moot

All levels of three counties Pagans from newbie muggles to hereditary welcome, 1st wednesday of every month at 7pm Moot 2nd wednesday of every month at 7pm drumming circle 3rd saturday of every month at 11am family moot. held at Papaya event room & secret garden, 18 union street, Hereford, Hr1 2BT. more information follow us on Twitter, wordpress and facebook.


Rhyl Pagan Moot

We've started a new Moot in Rhyl (North Wales) at the 'Caskeys Pub' on Vale Road Rhyl, which I'd describe as small, cosy, friendly and informative. It's on the 2nd Thursday of the Month. This is purely a social moot for local people to meet up with other like minded people and share your experiences. We are in the room directly to your right as you enter called 'The Waiting Room' Phone me beforehand if you wish on 01691 679066.

BB Steve

The Oswestry, Shropshire moot currently takes place at 7.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month at The Golden Lion, Upper Church Street, Oswestry, SY11 2AA, any changes from this date will be published on the Facebook page. All are welcome and for more information or to contact us please go to our Facebook page …

Pontypridd Pagan Moot, Rhondda Cynon Taff, Mid Glamorgan, meets on the third Saturday of the month at Pontypridd Museum at 12noon. Beginners and experienced of all paths welcome. We hold talks, workshops and social events. We particularly welcome newcomers who are interested in finding out more about the different pagan paths.

Email Karen or check out our Facebook page for further details.

Allow us to advertise your British moot here, please Contact Pagan Heart