Dear non-pagan parent of a pagan child,

It is probable that you are here because your child has asked you to come and read this text. Either your child has told you that they are pagan, or they want you to read this in preparation of telling you that they regard themselves as being pagan.

Either way much now depends upon your reaction to this news. Either you will be quite happy about it from the start or you will be alarmed for all kinds of differing reasons.

All I ask from this point on is that you read this document in full so that you understand the important points about paganism. At this point I hope that even if this faith is something that is not for you, you will no longer feel alarmed that this is the path that your son or daughter has taken.

It is more than likely that your child has had to pluck up a lot of courage to either tell you about their faith, or to send you to this page. They feel this way because they are aware that paganism has been given a bad image over the decades...... even centuries. Things are changing, paganism is slowly being more and more accepted, but for the majority who have never bothered to find out what paganism is, it remains something that is wrongly viewed as either something evil, or some kind of cult.

Paganism is not a cult.
Pagans do not believe in seeking converts, we believe that all religious faiths come from the inside out, and not from the outside in. Therefore pagans are happy to let pagans be pagans, Christians be Christians, Hindus be Hindus and so on. No pressure is put on anyone to be pagan or to stay pagan. Hopefully that puts your mind at rest on that matter.

Pagans are not evil.
Paganism like Christianity is a very wide umbrella that covers a lot of differing paths, but for all pagans the core basis of our faith is love and respect for all life, including the planet that we regard as a living breathing planet. Most pagans follow one creed and I will write it here in modern phrase, 'If you harm no one, then its ok' the original text is, 'An ye harm none, do as ye will'. When we talk in terms of 'harm none', this includes oneself. So for most pagans, the taking of hard drugs would be seen as harming oneself and breaks that creed, likewise if you are to harm no one, then its hard to be evil. The words 'harm none' also includes the environment (Mother earth), plants, trees, animals all come under this heading. Yes we all pick flowers, we are not fanatics, but we do try to think about what we do and the consequences of our actions.

Pagans are not devil worshipers.
The vast majority of pagans do not believe in the existence of a devil, therefore its impossible to worship such a being. Pagans believe that if we do wrong, (if we break our creed), that we have to take full responsibility for it ourselves, we can't blame it on another entities influence. Now most pagans believe in a spirit world, and most do believe that there is evil in this world and the spirit world, most believe that in both places the good outweighs the bad.

You WILL find bad pagans, pagans who give the vast majority a very bad name, but the same is true of all other religions.

If you have reached this position in the text and you are still unhappy about your child's faith, if we have at least eased your concerns then please feel free to email me, I have no problems with any questions.

Paganism is a gentle and loving religion that accepts the fact that Nature is both gentle, wild and sometimes violent. Your child is following a path that shows they want to follow their heart and soul. Please consider supporting your child at this time, they are following a peaceful and loving path, should they decide later that this path is wrong for them, no one would dream of trying to hold them back.

Brightest Blessing to you