So, you are a young teenager who has been attracted to paganism, you've got the tee shirt and the badge, a nice shiny pentacle and you are all set. You are most welcome here.

However, why is there always a however?
Well there is no catch or problem with a young teenager being a pagan, as long as you understand what being a pagan is, and that you are a pagan for the right reasons.

  • It is a fact of life that some young teenagers come to paganism because it sounds a really fun way to be a rebel. This is not you? Then lets continue.
  • Mom and dad don't understand you, they really aggravate you sometimes and turning up in the house with a massive pentacle around your neck and the words, "I am a witch" on your lips is a sure way to upset their day, especially if they have friends around at the time! Still not you, great lets continue.
  • Fancy the girl or boy next door, and you have heard about these love spells? Or maybe a money spell is a great way to bypass a life time of hard work. Still not you, well now I really am getting excited.

You see Wicca, Paganism, whatever label has brought you to the teens section of Pagan Heart, these labels are not fashion statements, they're are spiritual paths. While paganism is a pathway that does not have dozens of rules attached to it, the pathway does require dedication and effort to follow. You want to understand? You have to study, you have to put in the groundwork, but yes, the rewards are wonderful and you find a lot of comfort in following your heart. Still with me, great just a few more comments.

About magic, the world is full of magic, paganism is full of magic, but let me ask you a few questions. Why is it that a lot of witches who claim to be able to cast love spells are in failed relationships? Why is it that a lot of witches who claim to be able to cast money spells are not very financially well off? Get the point of what I am saying. Paganism is not an easy answer to an easy life. No religion, be it Paganism or anything else will ever protect you from the pit falls of life, be it health or be it quality of life. But what your religion can do is to help you deal with the pit falls of life.

Are you still with me? Are you still egger to join our teens sections? If so then like I said right at the start, you really are Most Welcome.