Be a Crafty Teen Witch
Creating Altar Tools for the Young Wiccan on a Budget

The average teen has to juggle school stuff, friendship drama, dating dilemmas and a host of parental issues. So adding yet another complication to an already heaping pile can be interesting. This is why being a teen Wiccan on a budget can be super stressful. The good news is that there are ways to overcome broke-witch-syndrome. There are a few key factors to being crafty: know where and when to shop, make things yourself, and see value in everyday items.

When to Shop
Halloween is becoming a bigger holiday each year so it's no surprise to see stores pack their shelves with spooky merchandise. Some of these items can actually be useful for Wiccans, but the best time to shop is after Halloween when all the merchandise goes on clearance. Specifically, keep an eye out for brooms, baskets, candles and candle holders. These mundane decorations can become altar supplies with a quick blessing or consecration. Black candles are often hard to find, so stock up during post-Halloween sales. Depending where you shop, you can purchase votives and tapers for as little as .10 each.

Make Tools Yourself
Making altar tools yourself is not only economical but also great fun. For an altar pentagram; gather several thin, dry twigs and set them in a row next to each other. Choose five that are equal in length. Then line up the twigs to form a five-point star, and take natural looking string (like hemp used for jewelry making) and weave it around where the twigs line up. This handmade altar pentagram can be hung on the wall above the altar or used on top as a consecration tool.

For a fancy-looking wand at a low cost price, visit your local Lowes or Home Depot store and head down then plumbing section. Locate the pipes area and search for copper. They should have a variety of lengths and thickness to choose from. Test several in your hand to intuitively sense the best feel. Aim for one less than two feet in length. Use jewelry making supplies: glue, beads, wire and drilled gemstones to accent your copper wand.

Change Everday Items
The truly crafty teen witch adapts and knows how to make everyday items magical! A tarnished serving dish found at a garage sale has serious potential. With the help of a parent, spray paint the tarnished dish with silver, black or gold to create a fantastic offering plate. Use handkerchiefs as mojo bags and tie with appropriate colored craft ribbon (about .45 a spool). Learn the magical properties of kitchen herbs like chamomile, anise, rosemary and mint in place of hard-to-find ones like mugwort, vervain or yarrow. Wash out empty, small-sized jelly jars and use them for storage.

The most important tool to being a craft teen witch is your imagination. Other people may spend the big bucks on altar supplies, but ones hand created with love and positive intentions can be equally, if not more powerful. With a special, personalized blessing and the right spark of creativity mundane objects can become magical!

Article Copyright Gwinevere Rain Copper Moon Online Magazine