Grandfather Oak -o- by Azure

Rooted deep in Mother Earth
The Oak guards the circle
A Great One in a grove of natives
Standing tall and proud and wise

He has seen much season after season
He has captured the rain
Danced in the breeze
Recovered from the flames
Of a runaway bonfire

Regenerated limbs and leaves
His spine is bent but solid
His strength is unsurpassed
He is the watcher in the night

He has borne witness to our rites
Drank of our wine
Partaken of our smoke
Trusted us with his mysteries

He has been refuge for a nest of newborns
A multitude of spiders and webs
A staghorn fern as wide as his span
An orphan squirrel with tiger eyes

Grandfather Oak, we honor thee
And all your cousins in distant forests
Old growth holds ancient wisdo
Rootes deep in Mother Earth