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All poetry is copyright by the individual authors unless otherwise stated.

Pagan/Nature Poetry

I See A Rainbow -o- by Willow The Day -o- by Ken Tait
Spring -o- by Willow Hallows Eve -o- by Leslie Fish
The Kiss -o- by Steve Bewers Ancient Monuments -o- by Alexander Thom
Pagan Goddess Chant -o- by Unknown Thank A Tree -o- by Michael Mack
My Pagan Heart -o- by Coral The Witches Creed -o- by Author unknown
Imbolc (candlemas) -o- by Serenity Blaze The Gathering at the Cauldron -o- by Derek Thompsom
Twittersnitch -o- by Serenity Blaze Mother Earth Cries For Her Children -o- by Caretkr
Questions -o- by Dennis.L. Vasey A Nocturnal Reverie -o- by Countess of Winchilsea
The Albion Song -o- by Jennifer Smith The Evening of Samhain -o- by Cather Steincamp
Yuletide -o- by Arianrhod Beltane Poem -o- by Lady Slipper
Natures Splendour -o- by Dennis.L. Vasey Song Of This Land -o- by Greenman
Mother Of Silver Hand -o- by Greenman Dawn Of The Children -o- by Greenman
Spring Song -o- by Greenman Tyntagyll -o- by Nature1
The Stone Circle -o- by Nature1 The Healer -o- by Nature1
Grandfather Oak -o- by Azure A Call to Lord & Lady -o- by Jeff Bordeaux
February Eve -o- by Greenman Lark Rise -o- by Greenman
March -o- by Greenman World Tree -o- by Greenman
Beltane Kiss -o- by Dianne Snow -o- by Steve
I Am Summer -o- by Link The Mighty Stag -o- by Freedom
Sacrifice -o- by Jehra Earth Voices -o- by Bliss Carman
Sea of a Thousand Names -o- by Link Pagan Heart -o- by Enadil Moonweaver
Mother Nature Weeps -o- by Anne My God -o- by by Lord Jacobus
The Worship Of Nature -o- by John Whittier Autumn Circle -o- by Link
The Virgin Bride of Magdalene -o- by C. Maggie Coffey A Visit From The Yule Spirits -o- by Richard De Angelis
Dragon Tales -o- by C. Maggie Coffey To Bed a Witch -o- by C. Maggie Coffey
The Dragons Breath -o- by Jehra Skyclad Dreams -o- by Josephus

Other Poetry

Set Within My Heart -o- by Willow Robot -o- by Michael Mack
Dearest Heart Pt2 -o- by Willow Small Pain In My Chest -o- by Michael Mack
Captive Whale -o- by Willow The Dummy -o- by Michael Mack
Tomorrow -o- by Michael Mack
Dark Or Knight -o- by Ambrosia Wyldwood Earth Day -o- by Michael Mack
BeWitched -o- by Ambrosia Wyldwood There Will Come A Time -o- by Michael Mack
Mirror......Mirror -o- by Dennis.L. Vasey The Little Old Man -o- by Dennis.L. Vasey
Echo -o- by Drew Hawfawn Ripples of Love -o- by Ambrosia Wyldwood
The Last Time -o- by Author unknown The Sweet Shop -o- by Dennis.L. Vasey
Fire Cycle -o- by Link The Accrington Pals -o- by Mike Harding
You Can See Who I Am -o- by Jehra An Ode To The Miner -o- by Joe Twist
The Road Home -o- by Dennis Vasey Paris In The Spring -o- by Greenman
War Is Not For Me -o- by Dennis Vasey Future Poem -o- by You?

One Snowy Morning -o- by Autumn Fyres age 9 Trees -o- by Autumn Fyres age 10
Future Poem -o- by you? Future Poem -o- by you?