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Pagan Ave Maria -o- All Thru The Night -o- Traditional
Silent Night -o- Ellen Reed Amazing Grace -o- Margot Adler
Mother Nature's Son -o- Lennon & McCartney Here Come's The Son -o- George Harrison
Loch Na Cailli -o- Ciaran Brennan God Rest Ye Merry Pagan Foke -o- Unknown
The Wiccan Rede -o- Unknown Desiderata -o- Max Ehrmann
Across The Universe -o- Lennon & McCartney Be Pagan Once Again -o- Isaac Bonewits
Saltwater -o- Julian Lennon/Mick O'Neill Share The Light -o- Unknown
Magical Green Leaves -o- Ken Tait Morning Has Broken -o- Cat Stevens - E. Farjcon
Springtime -o- Tina Galfo The Battle Hymn Of The Discordians -o- Jeremy Buhler
Lord Of The Dance -o- Ronan Hardiman Moon Of Silver -o- Unknown
Ye Children All Of Mother Earth -o- Ellen Reed Lullabye and Goodnight -o- K. Dyer
Scarborough Fair -o- Traditional God Rest Ye Merry Pagan Folk -o- Traditional
Song Of Wandering Angus -o- Wm. Butler Yeats Silent Sunlight -o- Cat Stevens
Loki The Fool -o- Alice Karlsdottir The Childish Edda -o- Anderson & Ellik
Brothers, Sisters come and Sing -o- Ellen Reed Circles -o- Gwen Zak
Ye Children All Of Mother Earth -o- Ellen Reed The Gods Of The West -o- Isaac Bonewits

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