When you think of death, what images does it sum up for you. Do you visualise a life ever after, reincarnation perhaps, or just and end to your existence?

How do you visualise the moment of death? Does it conjure up images of the Grim Reaper sneaking into your room at night, or maybe a shining white angel lifting you upwards?

However we perceive death, there are a few things that are certain.
1/ Death will come to us all.
2/ No one knows for sure what awaits us on the other side of death.
3/ The thought of death is very personal to each and every one of us.

When answering questions on death, we can only answer based upon our thoughts of how we think we will react, until we are faced with the certainty of death no one knows for sure how they will feel. Its very easy to view death from a position of safety (for now). With this in mind I accept that as I start this section in the web site, my personal views are based upon how I view death at this snapshot moment in time, I might feel totally different if faced with death in the very near future. I can only give my views as I truly feel them to be, and with an honest belief that my outlook would not change even if I knew I was to die tomorrow.

As stated, death will come to us all and I believe that death is not something to be feared. The manor in which we die certainly is something to be feared, but that is not the subject of this introduction.

I do not want to die yet, so I would cling on with my fingertips if I could, although I can envisage situations were I would consider myself ready to die. Death holds no fear. All life must be born, grow old and die. To me there is a wonderful rhythm to this, just as Spring must give way Summer, then Summer to Autumn and Autumn to Winter, so we must also give way to death. If we are lucky, and the vast majority of mankind is, life is wonderful and then we get to take the great adventure.

I am lucky in another matter I guess, I have absolute faith in a life that never ends, in a life that changes but continues after mortal death. What form life takes after death I do not know for sure. I have leanings, I have thoughts that seem probable to me, but no certainty's.

I am not alone in believing in some kind of afterlife, the concept is not unique to Pagans, nor Christians, nor any other faith you care to mention, so one thing has always puzzled me, why do so many like minded people fear death? Why do so many like minded people face the death of someone close as something that should be treated in such a morbid manor?

When I die, please don't drown yourself in sadness or tears. If you loved me in this life then you can feel sad for the time we will be separated, you may shed a tear as you would if I was going to live in another country for 10 years, please don't despair, let the happy memories far outweigh the sadness. Nothing bad has happened. I was always going to die. Nothing happened that was not expected from the moment of my conception, nothing happened that was not meant to be, so why so much sadness? Hold me in your heart and remember me with smiles and not with sadness. Tomorrow you will die too.

I would like to think of the people I love holding a celebration of my life, no sad music, lets dance. Trust me, if its possible I will be dancing with you.

There we have the basis of this section of the web site. It's a section devoted to death, but not to sadness. A section that shouts out that death is not the sad terrible cloud that descends upon us all, but a magical change from one chapter into another.