Cernunnos: Horned God and consort of the Lady. Also Kernunnos. Norns: The three sisters of the Wyrd.
Morgan: Goddess of Water and Magick.
Brigid: Warrior-Goddess and Protectress. Brigid is also a Triple Goddess.


Adonis: Greek; consort of Aphrodite. Aphrodite: Goddess of passionate, sexual love.
Apollo: God of the Sun, Light and Arts. Artemis: Goddess of the Moon.
Eros: God of Romance and Passionate Love. Astarte: Fertility Goddess.
Hymen: God of Marriage and Commitment. Athena: Warrior Goddess and Protectress.
Pan: God of Nature and the Woods, Laughter and Passion. Demeter: Earth Mother archetype.
Poseidon: God of the Sea. Dryads: Feminine spirits of the trees.
Zeus: King of the Greek Gods. Hecate: Moon Goddess as in Crone or Dark Mother.
Hades: Zeus's brother and god of the underworld. Hera: Goddess of marriage.
Ares: God of War. Hestia: Goddess of Home and Hearth.
Muses: Goddesses of Inspiration.
Selene: Goddess of the Moon and Solutions.


Apollo: God of the Sun, Light and Arts. Ceres: Goddess of the Harvest.
Diana: Moon Goddess and Goddess of the Hunt.
Flora: Goddess of Spring and Birth.
Fortuna: Goddess of Fate.
Venus: Goddess of Love and Romance.
Vesta: Goddess of Fire.


Anubis: Guardian of Isis. Bast: Goddess of Protection and Cats.
Horus: God of the all seeing eye and healing. Hathor: Protectress of Women in Business.
Osiris: Counterpart of Isis. Isis: Represents the Complete Goddess or the Triple Goddess connotation in one being.
Ptah: Expert cratsman and designer. God of creative enterprise with the hands. Maat: Goddess of Justice and Divine Order.
Thoth: God of Reincarnation. Nephtys: Goddess of Surprises, Sisters and Midwives
Nuit: Sky Mother.


Odin: Counterpart of Freya. Freya: Moon Goddess and lover of Odin.
Thor: God of the Sky and Thunder. Skadi: She is the goddess of winter, and is associated with hunting.
Aegir: (or Hler) He is the god of the sea, and dwells on the island of Lessoe (or Hlesey). Fulla: This beautiful maiden was Frigga's attendant.
Balder: He is the god of innocence and light. Idun: She is the personification of spring and youth
Forseti: He is the god of justice, and the son of Balder and Nanna Lorelei: She is a water nymph, and daughter to Father Rhine.
Loki: The trickster god is the son of two giants Ran: This goddess is Aegir's wife.
Thor: Powerful God. Son of Odin Sif: Thor's wife.
Uller: He is the god of winter.


Apsu: (Babylonian) His mate is Tiamat. Aradia: (Italian) Queen of the Witches, daughter of Diana.
Lucifer: (Italian) Soulmate and Brother of Diana. God of the Sun and Light. Canola: Goddess who created music
Mithra: (Persian) Sun God and bringer of Light. Cebhfhionn: (y-von) Goddess of inspiration.
Shiva: (Hindu) Consort of Kali. God of the universal cycle of birth-death-rebirth. Cerridwen: (Welsh) Moon and Harvest Goddess.
Druantia: Fire tree Godess
Inanna: (Sumerian) Goddess representation of the Mother.
Kali: (Hindu) Creative/Destructive Goddess.
Lilith: (Hebrew) Adamís first wife and said to be turned into a demoness.
Munanna: Bird goddess.
Urairbhuidhe: Bird Goddess.
Hella: (Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola Peninsula) Mother of the Mountain .

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