by Bruce MacManaway


A straightforward look into
all aspects of the healing phenomenon

Bruce MacManaway

with Johanna Turcan
Foreword by Ludovic Kennedy

First published by Thorsons in 1983
re-published on Internet in 2002


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The concept of healing by touch or thought without any medical help does not fit comfortably into our western view of the world, but there is no doubt that such healing works.

Here, one of the most outstanding healers of 20th Century Britain explains in lucid style all about what is variously termed 'faith healing', spiritual healing' or 'magnetic healing'. He elaborates on the relationship between physical and non-physical problems and the central nervous system housed in the spine.

Bruce MacManaway stresses that, while healing can and does achieve astonishing results, it should not be seen as a substitute for existing medicine, but rather as complementary to it, and he emphasises the importance of wholeness.

The late Bruce MacManaway was a young army officer during the French campaign in 1940 when he first discovered his power to remove pain and help the wounded. In 1959, together with his wife who is similarly gifted, he set up the Westbank Healing and Teaching Centre in Fifeshire, Scotland. He broadcast several times on BBC radio and TV and also taught throughout Europe and USA.

Johanna Turcan studied history at Oxford and obtained her degree in 1970. She became interested in healing and the MacManaways' work in 1972 and subsequently spent a year studying at Westbank. She has been interested in healing ever since.

Jointly re-published by Mid-Atlantic Geomancy and The Glastonbury Archive

Our thanks to Mr Patrick MacManaway (copyright holder), for granting us permission to reproduce this book on Pagan Heart

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