Ever struggled to draw that "Perfect Pentagram" in your Book of Shadows? I know I have! This is our Covenstead Circle, drawn using the method outlined below. It works with any size, from a few inches, right up to 9 feet (as in the picture).

Don't be put off by how complicated the instructions appear, just take it slowly, and after your first one you will be knocking out perfect pentagrams in seconds..every time!. I actually used this method the very first time to make the huge 9 feet one you see shown above, so it really isn't that hard!

Step One

This first thing you need to do is decide on the size the finished pentagram is going to be. Then draw the circle and mark a line straight across as in the picture above, marking where it meets the edges as "A" and "B". Draw another line from the centre of the A - B line at 90 degrees to the top of the circle, and mark where it touches the perimeter as "C".....this will be the top point of your pentagram.

You need to be accurate here, don't guess what 90 degrees is, if you don't have a right-angle or set square use the method below to work out the exact angle.

Open your set of compasses a bit more than that which you had it set at to draw the original circle, and putting the point at "A" draw a small arc. Leaving the settings as they are, repeat the move, this time putting the point at "B". Where the two arcs cross is EXACTLY 90 degrees

Step Two
Reset your compass to the same setting that you had for the original circle, place the point at "B" and draw an arc across the circle, marking where this new arc crosses the perimeter as "D" and "E". Join "D" and "E" together, and mark where this new line crosses the "A" - "B" line as "F". See the diagram below for details.

Step Three
Put the metal point of the compass at point "F" and change the settings until the pencil point is touching "C" up at the top. Draw an arc down to the A -B line, and mark where this touches as "G".

Put the point of the compass at "C" and change the settings, so the tip of the pencil is now on point "G". Draw an arc all the way across the circle, from side to side, marking where it crosses the perimeter as "H" and "I". These are your left and right points of your pentagram.

Leaving the compass setting as it is, put the point on "H" and mark the lower point "J" on the perimeter. Repeat this with the point at "I", marking the point where that arc touches the circle as "K"

Finally, with your ruler connect C - J, J - I, I - H, H - K and K - C.

Take a good look at the diagram below, and match up the text above with the picture. I know it looks very complicated, but trust really is easy.

Blessed Be


Copyright November 19th 2001